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Retained Search

Generally speaking, a retained search assignment is the most thorough way to explore all avenues in a confidential manner and ensure that you have the best selection of candidates available. It requires good cooperation between client and consultant so that a knowledgeable, intelligent approach can be made to high calibre people who may demonstrate an initial reluctance to an unsolicited approach. This is key to Renfield’s search capability – well-informed, well-researched and with the ability to listen. We need to fully understand our client’s needs as well as establishing a good rapport with the candidates – their aspirations are an important part of the equation to find the proper match both in terms of the skill-set and their personality. We always encourage prospective clients to talk to existing clients for feedback on our first-rate completion record.


In the context of recruitment services the term “Selection” or (Contingency) can apply to a wide range of recruitment facilities where the client is billed only when a successful candidate joins the client company. We have been helping companies since 1974 find key personnel who may not necessarily be senior management but are nevertheless very important for the smooth running of the business. Not all profiles are easily defined within familiar guidelines and the experience of the Renfield Consultants using common sense and pragmatism is often brought in to play to tease out the points of detail that make someone not just a suitable candidate but one who can add value and make a difference.

  • Essentially Renfield Search is about building long-term relationships. To achieve this we have to not just perform well for our clients but to do so in a certain manner. We are perceived as professional, resourceful, honest and determined. We are also flexible so that there is not a mindset of one approach fits all – we work with our clients to establish a winning formula. Clients appreciate the fact that we treat each assignment as “a special”. In so doing, candidates taken on tend to stay because they have been properly matched for the role.